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An agency specializing in crop insurance,
the John Good Agency is located in Fort Benton, MT.

The John Good Agency employs five agents and staff, all of whom currently farm or ranch, have farmed or ranched, or grew up on a farm or ranch.
John C. Good - Licensed Agent since 1986
Carol Blanchard - Licensed Agent since 1997
Molly W. Good - Licensed Agent since 2001
Kimberly G. Hibl - Licensed Agent since 2009

We sell and service Multi-Peril Crop Insurance and Crop Hail/Fire for:
Rural Community Insurance Services
NAU Country Insurance Company

We insure a variety of grain producers, operators with less than 100 acres to operators with several thousand acres, out-of-state landlords, multi-family operations, new producers, and estates.

If you are looking for a crop insurance agent, a quote on Hail or MPCI coverage or if you have some questions about crop insurance, give us a call at (406) 622-3318 or e-mail us at
NEW: Uninsurable Unavoidable Fire (UUF) and Third Party Damage
If a farmer has production losses due to damage from unavoidable fire or a 3rd party, the insured may request that the damaged acres be removed from their APH databases. See our "Reference" page for more info.
If you had a fire or spray drift or some other unavoidable crop damage, call us and we can see if this will help you!

1307 Franklin Street
P.O. Box 189
Fort Benton, MT 59442
Phone: (406) 622-3318
Fax: 622-3435